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Gigaram PC-4200 2GB Dual Channel Kit
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Oct. 10, 2005
The performance of the Gigaram 1GB modules was significantly better than what we expected from the published specifications. In every case, it met at least the memory timings of the much faster rated Corsair memory. Considering both are built with Infineon memory chips, this is not really a surprise...

Gigaram PC-3500 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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Oct. 10, 2005
Gigaram PC3500 memory is not the best. As clearly shown in the results, it provides good performance but cannot win an enthusiast's heart. However, that does not mean that it performs poorly. In fact, it performed spectacularly well. Giagram has released this memory to the mass market and proved themselves to be great budget memory. Those of you strapped for cash should give Gigaram a chance. It performed well, it's reasonably priced, and offers great overclocking potential. With just 2.9v, I was able to run it at 230FSB with timings of 2.5-3-3-6. Many of the other brands of memory will need more juice than just 2.9v. I didn't test the memory at 235FSB with timings of 3-4-4-7 as that is just plain silly. The only time I would run timings that loose would be to run the memory at 250FSB+.

Gigaram Mach 1000 PC-3700 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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Oct. 9, 2005
Gigaram has made a fantastic jump into the overclocking world. I was surprised by how well the newer week TCCD scaled with 2.5-3-3 timings, reaching 282mhz. I was also surprised by not being able to run at latencies of 2-2-2, as a majority of TCCD are capable of. I would have liked to have seen these modules with the Brainpower PCB, as it would have helped achieve a greater overclock. Beside the great overclockability of the Gigaram PC-3700, it is priced at the lower end of the TCCD spectrum. Gigaram's unique packaging and lifetime warranty round this memory out nicely. With the fantastic overclockability of Samsung TCCD ICs and its relatively low price point, the Gigaram Mach 1000 PC-3700 1GB DC kit would make a great addition to any overclocker's Athlon 64 setup.

Gigaram is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of memory upgrade products. We specialize in the developing, designing, manufacturing and testing of memory modules for desktops, servers, workstations, notebooks and office automation products.
Established in 1996 by a team of engineers with over twelve years of experience in the electronic memory industry, Gigaram continues as the “Innovator in Memory Module Design & Manufacturing”. All of our high performance upgrade products are guaranteed to meet all OEM specifications for form, fit and function. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce and supply our customers with the latest products at competitive prices. At Gigaram, we strongly believe that our success comes from our commitment in pursuing the highest quality and transforming innovative ideas into reality.
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